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high wycombe • since 2007 Electric or Acoustic •electric• high wycombe • since 2007 Electric or Acoustic •electric• Electric or Acoustic high wycombe • since 2007 •electric• high wycombe • since 2007 Electric or Acoustic •acoustic• high wycombe • since 2007 Electric or Acoustic •acoustic•
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Guitar Services

Welcome to BBZ Guitars. The musician's choice for guitar setup, guitar repair, custom shop work and modifications. Fully insured for electric, acoustic and bass guitars.
At a glance


  • Guitar restring

    £25 - £30
    With fret polish, board feed, intonation. Strings sold separately
  • Guitar setup

    £45 - £50
    As for restring plus neck, bridge, nut, truss rod, electrics check
  • Fret Level and crown

    £75 - £80
    Includes fretboard dressing and full setup
  • Guitar refret services

    Partial refret from £120
  • Custom shop components and electrics

    Per quote plus parts (1 hour min)
  • Guitar repair

    Per quote plus parts (1 hour min)
high wycombe • since 2007

Working Hours

10am - 6pm
Tuesday to Thursday
9am - 6pm
9am - 5pm
10am – 12pm

Covid-compliant drop-off and collection by appointment only.

They said


Have used Steve for a full set up of my '76 Strat and a refurb and full set up of my 80s MIJ Strat. Excellent work and service. I now live 145 miles from Wycombe, but have some work needed on other guitars!! I will definitely be in touch with Steve to get these sorted.. No need to go anywhere else. You can TRUST BBZ.....
Bob Hammond ● Electric Guitar


Have used Steve for a set-up for my reverend and also some TLC with a resonator I bought at an auction 🙂 Highly recommended and reasonable.
Katherine O'Neal ● Acoustic Guitar


Steve from BBZ Guitars has set up all of my guitars for the last 14 years. He's completely customised guitars, modified and rebuilt guitar electrics, replaced pickups, replaced tuners, and gives the best guitar setups I've had my hands on. Steve is an absolute professional; I wouldn't take any one of my guitars to anyone else.
Paul Gorry ● Electric Guitar


Can’t recommend Steve and BBZ highly enough, his knowledge and know-how is second to none. Steve completely transformed my Fender Strat/Tele and Gibson Les Paul. All needed string change and a full setup and were night and day from when I received them back ! I’d definitely recommend him and wont use anyone else again.
Micheal Hayden ● Electric


Steve always looks after my abused guitars and consistently does an incredible job! Anything from a restring and fret levelling / recrowning to a complete service. I trust Steve and BBZ to be perfect every time.
Chris Blackwell ● Acoustic


I’ve used BBZ Guitars for over 10 years. It's always been a pleasant experience. Now, every time I need a guitar serviced or set up, there is nowhere else I’d rather go. If your guitar needs a service, repair or just a good set up, give BBZ a try, you won’t regret it.
Kit Gratrix ● Electric Acoustic Bass
First choice

BBZ Guitars services

BBZ Guitars offers a full range of professional guitar repair and guitar setup services to musicians in the southern Home Counties. I’m Steve Busby, senior guitar tech and owner of BBZ Guitars. I’m based near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

BBZ Guitars was originally my guitar and amp showroom over at Cressex Business Park in High Wycombe. I no longer sell guitars and amps but I have continued to provide guitar services.

In addition to guitar repair and guitar setup services, I’m qualified to do electrical work on guitars, including circuit rewiring, pickup replacement, new pots and caps, etc. I also provide bespoke services for guitar customisation such as, fitting Stetsbar® vibratos to electric guitars without any drilling, sourcing and fitting custom scratch plates and engraved neck plates and truss rod covers. Plus lots more.

All of my guitar services are covered by professional liability insurance and completed at my Buckinghamshire workshop. Most guitar repair and guitar setup jobs are ready for collection the next working day. Please note that guitar drop-off and collection is by appointment only; I’ll contact you to arrange collection as soon as your guitar is ready.

Here’s a guide to the guitar services available from BBZ Guitars.

Guitar restring

Few things are better than the bright sound of a fresh set of strings. BBZ guitar restring services start from £25. Your guitar restring service includes:

  • Strip off old strings
  • Check and adjust tuners
  • Clean and polish frets
  • Clean and feed fretboard
  • Clean guitar thoroughly
  • Lubricate the nut
  • Fit, stretch and tune new strings
  • Check and adjust intonation
  • Check and tighten strap buttons

You can bring your own strings or buy them from me; prices range from £6-£20 depending on the guitar. If you have special requirements for your setup, e.g. higher or lower action, just let me know when you drop off your guitar. I’ll provide a full quotation before you book-in your guitar.

Guitar setup High Wycombe

Whether they’re brand new or used, 95% of guitars will sound better after a full guitar setup. BBZ guitar setup services start from £45 for a six-string guitar. Your guitar setup includes BBZ guitar restring service plus:

  • Set nut action correctly
  • Adjust any high frets
  • Check and adjust the truss rod
  • Adjust and shim neck angle on bolt on necks (electric guitars and basses only)
  • Check and adjust string height
  • Check and set up tremolo bridge
  • Set pickup heights correctly
  • All electrics checked and lubricated
  • Check and replace any batteries (extra charge at cost if required)
  • Jack sockets checked, cleaned and tightened
  • Full ‘play test’

Guitar refret services

Guitar refret service. BBZ refret service starts from £225 for a full refret and £120 for a partial refret. The guitar refret service includes:

  • De-string
  • Set neck absolutely straight with zero relief
  • Mask off fretboard
  • Mask off guitar body (or remove bolt-on neck)
  • Protect or remove nut
  • Make guitar neck level and secure on the horizontal
  • Carefully ‘pull’ frets and measure tang for replacements
  • Clean out fret slots
  • Cut replacement frets to size (snip tang as required)
  • Install new frets. Hammering (and gluing in) as necessary
  • Trim frets to side of fretboard
  • File flat to fretboard sides
  • Bevel frets ends at 30 degrees at both sides
  • File and polish fret ends
  • Then perform level and recrown service to ensure radius for the length of the neck
  • Perform full setup

Fret level and crown

Level frets are essential for anyone that likes a low action on their guitar. They also increase the accuracy of your guitar’s intonation and prevent fret buzz. BBZ fret level and crowning service starts from £75 and includes:

  • De-string
  • Set neck absolutely straight with zero relief
  • Mask off fretboard
  • Mask off guitar body (or remove bolt-on neck)
  • Protect or remove nut
  • Make guitar neck level and secure on the horizontal
  • Mark fret tops
  • Level off frets with a bar/ beam
  • Re-mark fret tops
  • Crown each fret along the length of the board
  • Sand frets with fine grit and Dremel® polish frets
  • Check fret ends and file off sharp edges
  • Remove masking (reattach neck)
  • Perform full set up

Custom shop work

When it comes to custom shop work, BBZ can help you with most aspects of guitar customisation. If you don’t see your requirement listed here, send me a message.


Guitar electrics: upgrades, modifications and replacements
  • Jack socket replacement
  • All wires changed to push back wiring
  • Rewires to different styles, e.g. 1950s’ wiring on a Les Paul vs modern
  • Cavity shielding / lining with copper or non-conductive paint
  • Pickup selector switches upgraded or replaced
  • Potentiometers upgraded or replaced (push / pull etc.)
  • Capacitor upgrades and replacements
  • Treble bleed cap and resistors fitted
  • Replacement or upgrade pickups fitted (Bare Knuckles a specialty)
  • Acoustic pickups fitted or replaced. (I don’t cut holes for preamps. Controls are fitted inside the sound hole or on a straddle pickup)
  • Active pickup systems fitted
  • Fit Roland GK-3 type guitar synth pickups
Guitar component: upgrades, modifications and replacements
  • Tuners fitted (inc. locking systems)
  • Nuts upgraded or replaced (bone, Nubone®, nylon, brass, etc.)
  • Strap buttons fitted (inc. locking systems) electric or acoustic
  • New bridges or bridge saddles fitted
  • New stop bars fitted or wrap-around systems
  • Tremolo systems upgraded or replaced (Stetsbar®, standard Strat-type or replace / upgrade pre-existing Floyd Rose® systems)
  • Scratch plates and pickup surrounds fitted
  • Custom engraved neck plates
  • Custom engraved truss rod covers

BBZ Guitars can also provide a complete renovation service for vintage guitars, visit the BBZ Facebook page to view some of the guitar renovations I’ve carried out. For guitar repair work, please contact me by email or phone to discuss the job. I’ll provide you with a quote detailing any guitar repair services you’ve requested along with the cost of any parts. If I notice any additional guitar repair work that needs doing,  I’ll let you know before completing any work.

Guitar repair services I’m regularly asked to do include replacing electrics, resoldering joints, rewinding pickups, fixing broken tuners and nuts, reseating acoustic bridges, etc.

If you have a specific requirement for guitar repair, guitar setup or guitar renovation which is not listed above, please call BBZGuitars on 07714 101207 or email to request a quote.

You can also find ideas and advice on many things guitar related in my guitar blog.